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Paid Search Advertising

Leverage paid search advertising to scale & sell

Paid Search Advertising

Take your business to the next level with our high impact and advanced paid search advertising. We use the three-pronged strategy of using data-driven insights, effective budget planning and smart ad placements to reach your target audience. Using the best of technology and creativity, the high-performance PPC campaigns has been delivering positive results for brands. The PPC experts formulate a comprehensive plan to deliver high ROI and profits for your business.

To stay ahead in the crowded online industry, partner with Mediallianz. The experienced minds and expertise make us one of the most trusted paid search advertising agencies in Canada.

Our PPC management services cover search, display, video and social channels aimed to make a stunning difference to your bottom line. It is a smart move to invest in PPC as it gives the best results in less time.

We offer

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Google AdWords Management

Increase visibility and generate more leads and sales with highly optimized CPA and CPC. The PPC specialists plan, strategize and execute the highly engaging and result-focused search, display, video campaigns using the latest technology and advanced tools available.

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Dynamic remarketing tactics are used to reach and engage the people who have visited your website before. In-depth analysis and powerful insights are used to keep your brand in the minds of the audience.

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Appealing Landing Page

It is crucial to develop an effective landing page to reap the benefits of a successful PPC campaign. The creative team along with PPC experts develop a highly appealing landing page with valuable content to help the customer make the decision.

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Paid Social Media

Social media is a giant platform to reach maximum audience with highly personalized paid ads. Dynamic campaigns are created to target audience in different social media channels and convince them to take positive action.


  • Pay-Per-Click is an online advertising model that helps brands to maximize their reach and engage the target audience quickly and easily by showing ads on different online platforms.